10 Ways SEO will lead the business through COVID-19 recovery

The insights that SEO provides about consumer behavior is important in times of volatility and demand fluctuation especially when checked out in real-time. SEO will guide companies through the economic storm Coronavirus leaves in its wake, from pivoting to protecting the brand and on through to positioning its products and services for fulfillment within the future.

As of late March, 95% of consumers planned to avoid public places. Media consumption is exploding, 75% of consumers are now using their social media daily, and only 4% want brands to stop advertising right now. Most are looking to brands for helpful, useful information.

At the very heart of this shift is – search and the optimization of content that delivers the best search results. As the shift from offline to online accelerates during these times companies are being asked to do more with less.

SEO will guide companies through the economic storm cOVID-19 leaves in its wake, from pivoting to protecting the brand and on through to positioning its products and services for fulfillment within the future.

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Here’s why:

Search has an oversized channel share.

SEO will lead the business through COVID-19 recovery
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According to a BrightEdge Channel Share Survey, 53% of all traffic to websites comes from organic search. once we checked out the search as an entire, 83% of search traffic is organic and 17% comes from paid search. Many companies have halted paid search thanks to Coronavirus-related business interruptions. this is often the time to evaluate how your paid strategy supports organic, how are you able to drive more traffic to your best content, feeding consumers’ need for media to consume while promoting your brand goals?

SEO provides excellent long-term traffic equity.

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While SEO does require an upfront investment of resources, earned program rankings can continue for years. The content you create, optimize and publish today will serve your brand within the future and maybe updated to reflect evolving business goals throughout the economic recovery. 

Likewise, you’ve got a chance now to review your top-performing content, updating and optimizing for the present conditions.

SEO naturally improves user experience (UX)

Applying SEO best practices as you optimize your site and content for the new customer journey has the extra benefits of improving User experience. Your site becomes better organized and easier to navigate as you properly price, structure, tag and optimize content. 

Evaluate your site today from a user’s perspective; are there opportunities to enhance navigation or accessibility? this is often the time to act and proper missing image alt text, lack of internal links, unclear calls-to-action, etc.

SEO provides conversion optimization benefits also 

Throughout the processes of designing and creating content, we’re constantly thinking of how it’ll help an opportunity to take the subsequent step in their path to conversion. With consumers’ media needs so high thanks to COVID-19, it’s an excellent time to fill gaps in your customers’ journey with quality content.

Depending on the sort of business you’re in and therefore the extent to which your operations are affected, this might not even be the time to convert prospects to purchase. However, you’ll be ready to re-optimize to convert them to a different action which will increase your relationship and enable you to remain top of mind until sales become possible once more.

Freshness can offer you a hold 

Google wants to discover to EAT content — expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. But we also know the search giant wants to point out searchers the first up-to-date information, as well. 

Continuing to regularly publish quality content — well researched, properly referred, optimized, original content, gives you that far more opportunity to seem ahead of motivated searchers even in “noisy” search results.

Update your hottest evergreen content, too. You don’t get to add COVID-19 related content but can ensure any statistics, information, recommendations, media, and calls-to-action are up so far.

Consumers are checking out guidance.

You have the chance to create a share of voice immediately in your industry by providing expert advice and accurate information about COVID-19 to consumers. 

People are trying to find guidance and help. specialize in the utility of the knowledge you’re putting out and confirm you offer a way by which readers/viewers can stay connected with you. Include an email opt-in, invitation to join you on social, link to a useful download, or some resources on those lines.

When linking to external sources, confirm you’re sharing the first reputable information. Remember that content you curate or recommend may be a reflection of your brand, as well. this is often especially important when it involves sharing health or safety tips. Look to sources like the CDC or WHO to verify any COVID-19 related information before sharing or linking.

SEO provides local to global reach.

Whether you’re an area mercantile establishment or a worldwide franchise, your customers are using search immediately. Are you positioned to seem in response to their relevant queries? counting on the resources available at the local level, this might be an excellent time for local stakeholders to take a position in better optimizing existing content for his or her specific city or region. Or, you would possibly find that resources are available at corporate to support the brand with thought leadership content which will be distributed and promoted globally.

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SEO is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy.

Unless your operations have completely ceased, you’re investing in other channels that generate demand. Those channels inspire people to look for products and services like yours, to find out more about the brand, to read reviews about you, and more. SEO is front and center of digital marketing strategies that span across channels like paid media, local, mobile, video, email and verticals like Amazon and e-commerce.

It is particularly important immediately that your content delivers consumers to the solution or information they expected to ascertain once they clicked on your ad or listing. confirm outdated landing pages are updated or removed and redirected. re-evaluate your social accounts with a critical eye to make sure the knowledge in your business descriptions is accurate in light of COVID-19 related operational changes. 

Ensure your local listings have the right hours and methods of contacting the business for service or support. Where and whenever a searcher finds your brand, confirm you’re still offering an experience that inspires trust.

You’re being considered, even if consumers aren’t currently buying.

Organic search is a component of nearly every consumer’s research process, it’s often the very beginning of the research process but is going to be used again and again throughout the consideration phase. this is often particularly true of long sales cycles. Remember that this is often an immense adjustment for several sorts of consumers and businesses immediately. As their operations are interrupted by COVID-19, your customers could also be gathering lists of potential solutions, reading and watching videos as they consider their options, trying to find testimonials and reviews, and more.

Focus on legitimate link building and PR opportunities today to get captive audiences consuming and sharing your content.

Search is your best representation of Voice of Customer

Search data tells you not only what your customers need, but why it’s what they have. It can reveal pain points, motivation, and intent that not only helps you optimize content but drives smarter business decisions at every level.

Use SEO to protect, pivot, and prepare for post-pandemic success

Given the uncertainty, SEO is our best option for responding to ongoing COVID-19-related business interruptions with speed and agility. Search is critical not only for discovery but as the channel that provides the greatest insight into consumer behavior in real-time, as it continues to evolve in response to the pandemic.

Search insights will inform every stage of COVID-19 brand response:

  • Protection – Of the brand (equity), current and future demand, consumer relationships, and online reputation.
  • Pivoting – As we evolve our strategies, products and services, messaging and more.
  • Preparations – For the “new normal”, whatever that appears like for your brand given the conditions you’ll be working in weeks and months from now (and further down the road).

While we don’t know when the present restrictions on travel and commerce might end, we do know they’re going to end or a minimum of relaxing somewhat. However, the lasting impact Coronavirus will wear consumer behavior remains to be seen. because the situation changes, SEO remains our best method of understanding and responding to our customers’ needs now and within the future.

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