The Future Of Small Business Marketing in 2020

The future of small business marketing is not comfortable anymore, and Small business owners are now facing more challenges than ever before. Apart from the continually changing digital area, Small & Medium Business owners need to be tech-savvy young entrepreneurs entering into the market. 

A recent study shows that 66% of millennials said that they would love to start their own business. This will be a big challenge for small and medium business owners who are still operating their business with old techniques, who refuse to do any kind of digital marketing for their business. 

Another survey shows that 46% of the business owner said that they don’t have a website for their business. A study by GoDaddy shows that the Small Medium Business Owners list ” Attracting new Customers” is their second significant concern.

Many business owners are aware that digital marketing is not their cup of tea. All these things are creating a perfect environment for Millenials to entering into the small business market. At the same time, when their skills, ambitions, and attitude are correctly set to succeed.

Small, Medium Business owners need to know this and optimize their marketing and Customer acquisition to compete in a short period. So, here are four things a small business can do to improve their marketing:

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Use customer data to personalize marketing

The future of digital marketing in 2020

Using customer data to personalizing your marketing could be as easy as having an automated email sent on your customer’s birthday. Or send a message or WhatsApp msg greeting on your customer’s birthday. Both Facebook and Instagram capture insight data automatically from user’s profiles to fine-tune your marketing.

Get a website or Redesign your website for conversions. 

The future of small business marketing in 2020

Get a website or redesign your current website and ask your developer to optimize it for conversions that can lead your customers to the information they will need before making a purchase or sending an inquiry about your Products and services. Your website is no longer a digital business listing. Your website needs to be alive, greeting, and guiding new visitors. And the most important thing is your website needs to be responsive. It contains several calls to action buttons to reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions for your business.

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Understand the Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Small Business

If your business providing services in a local area, you must understand and invest a part of your marketing budget into local SEO. Local SEO is a strategic tactic that can help you to get higher visibility in google when people search for your business. You don’t need to understand how to do it. But you surely need to understand the importance of being found on google. Getting verified listing on Google My Business is a must and something all businesses can do themselves.

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Stop letting just anyone run your marketing campaigns.

The Future of small business marketing in 2020

 You could be throwing money out the window. Both Google and Facebook advertising platforms have gone through significant changes in the last few years, making them extremely complicated for even most experienced users. It’s now complicated to get a favorable ROI (Return on Investment) on your ad spend until you are an expert.i have seen so many mistakes being made in ad campaigns from new clients that greatly exceed their budget with little to no reward.

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Wrapping up

Google is upgrading itself every day to make it better and provide the best user experience to its users. For that, Google changes its algorithm thousand of times each year, which impacts every facet of online activity. Small business owners should strongly consider working with a quality digital marketing partner or a Digital Marketing Consultant to manage their online activities or hire an in-house expert.

A digital marketing consultant who has a 360-degree understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), lead generation, PPC (Pay Per Click), and social media marketing can be an invaluable resource to small business owners. Digital Marketing Consultant allows small business owners to do what they do best: run their businesses. It is the future of small business marketing.

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